Sunday, June 3, 2007

Train of Thought #1 From drama to forgettable blogs

Why are girls soooo bothersome? Why do they always have to be so dramatic? Why do guys do this to them? Well not to point fingers.... but last night would have been more fun had the other girls not been there.... or if boys weren't such idiots/players. I wish i could say from observation that it's just their youth, and immaturity, but i know... that a lot of adults do not grow up.

I want to make living be about more than SEX and instant gratification. I need pride and satisfaction. I am not proud of a lot of things i do... but hanging out with others... makes me realize how successful I am with some things.

I excel at finding faults or at least looking for them, yet I'm always wondering why people always want to point fingers. I usually think finding the problem will make yielding a solution easier. I'm not so sure that is always the case. Even when it is the case... there's always plenty at fault... it's not just one person or thing, it's always deeper and larger than that. It'll just be an endless search if you want to find the ultimate problem, what I always end up doing. If I'm going to look for the problem, I'm not going to half-ass it and blame the parents or something. It's always more COMPLICATED.
When i get into these endless spirals of thought i just stop and move on... because nothing is ever solved from this pondering. It's so easy for me to forget about it and move on like this thought process never happened. Thus, the beginning of the blog, to archive such easily forgettable "wisdom." Made public in the hope it shines lights on other's minds.

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